The brand new Swiss Lotto app lets you play Swiss Lotto anywhere and at any time to secure your chance to win a seven-figure prize. Simply enter your picks in the app via your online game account, or you can now use the app to play at a sales outlet without having to log in. The app provides information on the latest winning numbers, prizes and jackpots. And push messages make sure you never miss a jackpot – guaranteed.

NEW in the Swiss Lotto app:

  • Prepare your play slip in the app and play at an outlet: without logging in!
  • The new «Prize Check» function lets you scan your Swiss Lotto entry confirmation ticket and check your result. Any prize you've won will be displayed instantaneously.
  • The reminder function means you need never miss another draw again.

The most important features at a glance

Discover the Swiss Lotto app today! Playing has never been easier:

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